Korean Mutation Database for Rare Diseases

Many research studies are being conducted to discover genes related to rare genetic diseases. The mutation patterns of genes associated with diseases are different depending on detailed disease types, and it is also well known to depend on ethnicity. Korean Mutation Database (KMD) is created in order to organize the Korean rare genetic disease mutation information. KMD is a repository for individual researchers to electronically register new discoveries on mutation information to make it immediately accessible for others. We aim to provide organized and accurate information to researchers in rare genetic diseases and thereby facilitate research in this field in order to assist developments for diagnostic marker and possible therapeutics.

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Disclaimer : Although every effort has been made to ensure that mutation information is deposited accurately, we recommend that information in the database should be used only for research purposes with caution. The data in the database is not intended to be used for the diagnostics or for the provision of any clinical recommendations

20191018 KMD Data

Disease :   540
Gene :   343
Mutation :   2163
KMD SNP :   56
Individual :   4855
Journal :   356


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