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To registrate your mutation data, you should follow below procedures.
We anticipate your kind support to this database to gather accurate mutation data though it is rather boring process.

Registration as a submitter of mutation data

- You should be a login user to submit mutation data.
- As a login user, you will have several advantages as follows.
    a) You can browse your own data with organized and linked with useful annotations.
    b) You can browse unopened data to public. It indicates that your unopened data can be browsed by other login user.
    c) You can browse RefSeq and OMIM annotation that are not deposited yet.
- To be a regisrated login user, you should fill in below items and send it to null.
    a) Submitter user User ID (It can be changed by administrator)
    b) Your name
    c) E-mail address
    d) Affiliation (Lab name, Department name, and University name)
    e) Address
    h) Name of Principal Investigator
    i) E-mail of Prinipal Inverstigator
- You will get response email from administrator if you have been permitted.
- You can not change login id and password.
- If you lost your id or password, ask it to the admistrator by email null.

Registration of mutation data

- Registration of mutation data is divided into two procedures to reduce the burden and to avoid human error due to the repeated data insertion.
    a) Registration of mutation information.
    b) Registration of individual phenotype information such as 'onset age', 'phenotype detail', and 'mode of inheritance'.
- You can add mutation information and individual phenotype information after you logged in.
- and will be displayed [Transcript Information Page] and [Mutation Information Page] after you logged in.
- To add mutation data, you should go to the [Transcript Information Page] either search or browsing.
- You can go to [Transcript Information Page] search with disease name, OMIM disease ID, RefSeq transcript ID, Gene name, and Gene symbol. Partial word can be searched.
- If your mutation is not reported previously, you should search keyword at [Registration Menu]. [Registration Menu] will be displayed if you are logged in. [Search Menu] is only for the genes that are associated with previously reported mutation.
- Annotation such as Exon-intron number, mutation position, and type of mutation are recognised automatically and you don't have to fill in. We reduced the number of items to fill in to facilate mutation data registration and reduce error rate.
- Submitted mutation will be displayed publicly after the permission of administrator. Permission status will be displayed on your login page.
- Our mutation data guideline has more constraints than official HGVS guideline. You should first read our HGVS examples at our site.